Internationale Laborumzüge

Health Care Consulting

Consulting to optimise your health care logistic:

(1) Acquisation.
(2) Goods received.
(3) Storagehandling.
(4) Confection.
(5) Dispatch.
(6) House transport.
(7) Transport logistic.

Following examples :

(1) Consolidation and co-ordination of received goods.
(2) Process and structuring optimisation.
(3) Kanban system standartised distribution.
(4) Twinwagen systen delivery.
(5) OP accesorries automotive distribution.
(6) Pre picked divisioning and distribution.
(7) Consolidation and external storage.
(8) Logistical advice in pre planning construction phase.
(9) Make or buy advice in special sectors.